Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We're here!!!

We made it!! A LONG day traveling, but we made it!

We got checked into our accommodations Early yesterday - luckily the apartments for Chester, Dave & I were ready when we got here, so we could CRASH in a major way. The adults are a VERY healthy walk away form the Gaiety - about a 20-30 minute walk - we may have to investigate buses!
The students can tell you all they did while us old folks were napping.
Last niigth - a lovely reception and warm welcome for the folks at the Gaiety! Wine and good nosh - we finally got to meet allthe staff we've been writing to - Patrick looked quite stunning in a Gangster pinstriped suit.

AND THEN GUESS WHAT! The Governor of Wisconsin came to meet up - Gov. Doyle & his really lovely wife Jessica came to meet Patrick and all of us - it was "grand", as the Irish say...and just when we thought it couldn't get any better - the US Ambassador to Ireland showed up!! What a night. Scott got photos and Dave got video - you should see some posted soon.

Amy Dawson (who is just as nice as I knew she'd be!!) walked us over the the Smock Alley theatre, where we'll be rehearsing and performing - just a few blocks away from the School. And we went to seen an amazing show at the Peacock Theatre last night - TERMINUS. Fabulous...talk about acting!

Got to run! We're doing a walking tour of Dublin this AM, then a read thru of newest version of script this afternoon.
All are well!

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tgrdina said...

Glad you made it! So happy to hear about your warm reception.