Sunday, June 24, 2007

The lighting and other stuff....

A pile of lights...a scaffold....only 8 amps per dimmer.... the lighting fun begins Tuesday afternoon......

Rehearsals have resumed in Smock Alley; I am spending my time examining the exisiting light plot to plan what lights to re-use and what additional lights to hang.

The plan is to hang and circuit the lights Tuesday afternoon and evening. We will need to have all the lights focused by Wednesday evening when we start teching the show.

I made the production manager happy by cutting two booms and some cable. The huge step unit will be preset right where I want to put the booms.

The set is looking great, there are huge barrells with planks that Dave built on top of them. The props are outstanding: buckets, sacks, flags, a bathtub....all great stuff.

In rehearsal, the cast is working through the play with Patrick making adjustments. And the composer, Susan, has arrived to help with the music.

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