Thursday, June 21, 2007

Technical Production Update

Deb and Dave have been scurrying around town gathering more props. We thought we would be able to get into the theatre this Saturday to do some prep work, but we were given incorrect information. So we will start sometime Sunday morning, starting with getting the set in place and prepping whatever lighting we can. Then rehearsals resume in the space. We don't start rigging the lighting until Tuesday.

Today, Liam and I met with Mazzie (the production manager) and a guy named Steven. Apparently, he has worked in the space and he was able to answer our questions and gave us some tips. Most importantly, he told us each dimmer (there are 48) can hold 8 amps. With 220 v0lts in Ireland, that means we can plug 1760 watts in each dimmer.

Steven will be with us Tuesday afternoon for the 'get in' as they call it here (We call it a load in. ), so we should be in good shape. The strike is called the 'get out'.

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