Friday, June 29, 2007

Phylis is in Dublin for Opening Night!

Phylis Ravel surprised the students today ---

During a notes session with Patrick Sutton around 1 PM, Patrick received a phone call on his cell from Phylis. Patrick said what a shame it was for PR to miss the performance, and help up his phone so all could shout "hello". Then a door to the theatre opened and there was Phylis, shouting "Hello!!!!" Quite a surprise!!!!! The students were sort of in shock! We are so excited about tonight.

At least 2 sets of parents are here to see the show. Yesterday in Penney's, shopping for pantyhose (or "tights" as they call them here) a man grabbed me! It was Dr. Steven Franzoi, Amelia's dad, and her mom...they'd just arrived and Amelia was showing them her favorite shopping spots while they were jet lagged and waiting to get into their hotel. I know that Bonnie Auguston's folks are here from Portland Oregon, as well. How cool!

Patrick gave notes to the cast, and we have this afternoon off to prepare for the opening call at 6:30 tonight. It feels weird to have the afternoon off, and not be rehearsing or running around looking for props/costumes.

David & I treated ourselves to a healthy SLOW FOOD (as opposed to Fast Food) lunch of Japanese noodles, then came back to our little flat for a nap.

More later!!! I;m hitting the sack for an hour before getting on the bus back to Smock Alley.



Theresa said...

I am very envious of both the Franzois and I wish I were in Dublin to see this performance on opening night! I have missed your blogging and am glad that things are coming together. Again, we look forward to seeing "Poor Tom" in Milwaukee. Break a leg!

Carolyn said...

Break a leg tonight everyone! I hope your having fun!