Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Production Meeting

We had our first production meeting for Poor Tom yesterday afternoon.

Costumes - The stuff Deb (the costume designer) pulled and had the kids pack before we left seemed to be OK with Patrick (the director). She said she has a few items to figure out, but we are off to a good start.

Set - We will be re-using a rather large exisiting step unit that David (the set designer) will design of modifications to. The biggest challenge will be getting the materials and equipment required for the construction of the modifications.We will have some time where David, Liam, Scott and I can get this stuff built.

Props - I will ask David to comment on this. There are a lot of props. There are barrells....

Sound - Patrick has a specific style of music in mind to use. Liam (the sound designer) will meet with two local experts for help, through connections Patrick has.

Lighting (that's me, along with Bonnie and Gen) - We have a tight tech schedule. (more on that later) Patrick has already in rehearsal looked over to me and asked 'can we do this?' I have a pretty good handle on their lighting system now where I can answer coherently.....

The Gaiety production staff - Excellent and very helpful. They have already solved some our difficult prop challenges. We also have a modest budget from the Gaiety to help with expenses.

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