Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting Around

You couldn't pay me $5 million to drive a car in this town. The traffic patterns make little sense to me. I would get in an accident for sure.

Our primary mode of transport is the bus which we have vaguely figured out. It costs 1euro to get from our hotel to the theatre. Deb and Dave have purchased a weekly pass for unlimited riding.

What I find amazing are the bus drivers here. They are able to maneuver their large vehicles in the tiniest of roads. This photo is from Galway, note the buses on the narrow streets.

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Theresa said...

As I look at that picture of the street all I can think of is: THANK GOD I'm not teaching Emma (Gen's 15 year-old sister) how to drive in Ireland!!!! LOL! However, if you had been with us yesterday, you would have thought we were driving in Europe since we were driving on the wrong side of the road!!

Seriously, the weekly bus pass sounds like a great idea to me. It's funny to see everything on the "wrong" side...what's "wrong" to us, anyway. Thanks for sharing!