Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We're getting ready!

We're trying to get all the logistical ducks in a row. So far, the students have all been assigned costume items to pack in their luggage - we hope this all will fit within the total weight allowed of 8o lbs. on the flight. I tried to weigh them all before the kids took them! Angel wings and a wedding dress have been shipped (man is THAT expensive!) and have arrived at the Gaiety. 2 more wedding dresses, 3 ski masks, and sewing supplies, including a $20 baby plastic sewing machine (!) to be packed yet in someones luggage. We are flying a bit blind - not really sure of all we'll need to do the play, but trying as best we can! Thrift shopping in Dublin? Could be!!

Everyday we learn more news - yesterday got the itinerary for the 3 weeks- lots of great plays to see and visits to cultural sites. Oh, yes and REHEARSAL!

More logistics to figure out - we're getting a bus to take Milw. people to O'Hare instead of school vans...we're working on groundrules for students re: curfews & such.

So glad Chester has started this blog! Hope to fill you all in on what's happening as it progresses!


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